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Health & Safety

Reflecting the commitment to, and importance placed on, creating a safe and responsible working environment, PTNM was awarded a “golden flag” certificate (the highest level) in May 2013 for its Occupational, Health and Safety Management Systems, following an audit conducted in February 2013 by a government appointed Occupational Health and Safety auditor.

Kingsrose and PTNM are committed to upholding the highest occupational health and safety standards at the Way Linggo Project with respect to our employees, contractors and the local community. PTNM employs dedicated Health & Safety and Environment Officers who are tasked with overseeing the creation of a safe and responsible working environment, identifying and mitigating any potential health and safety risks and ensuring adequate health and safety training is provided to all employees.

Ongoing health and safety training programs and initiatives include:

  • Safety induction training for all new employees, contractors or visitors to site;
  • Weekly Safety Committee meetings;
  • First aid training courses;
  • Monthly camp and site hygiene inspections and briefings;
  • Cyanide and dangerous chemical awareness training;
  • Drill blast training; and
  • Mine evacuation and rescue training.